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Conservation Imaging Resources


General Conservation Imaging:

AIC Guide to Digital Photography and Conservation Documentation

This book is indispensable for new and established conservators and conservation photographers to learn specifics of techniques and terminology.

Free Web Resources

Selecting equipment:


Always use non-biased reviews when evaluating new equipment. DP Review makes cit easy to compare camera models using side-by-side comparison tools and buying guides. Aimed more generally at professional and consumer photographers, not conservation specific.

General Resources to improve your imaging:

American Society of Media Photographers Quick Reference guide

PMG wiki Examination and Documentation

Why and how to use camera profiles:

DP Review Article by Steve Davey

Benefits of camera profiles (Xrite)

American Society of Media Photographers

UV Visible Fluorescence:

UV Innovations Targets and workflows

Library of Congress Workflow

Conserv-o-gram Pt 1 and Pt 2 (NPS)

More detail on important topics:

Color Management (American Society of Media Photographers)

RAW file format (American Society of Media Photographers)

Metadata (American Society of Media Photographers)

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